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World Bank

Global Poverty to Fall Below 10% for First Time, Forecasts by World Bank However, Major Hurdles Remain in Goal to End Poverty by 2030

Image Via The number of people living in extreme poverty around the world is likely to fall to under 10 percent of the global population in 2015, according to World Bank projections released recently, Which gives fresh evidence...

Thanks to Google, 400 train stations including 100 busiest stations across India, is going to be Wi-Fi Zones in 2016

Image Via Using internet and surfing on the go is about to become ever easier as few days back Google announced it’s plans to install high-speed public Wi-Fi in 400 train stations across India. The venture, which will be allowed...
Video Games

5 Games that got millions of fans on the day of its releases

Video games have an offer that crosses numerous demographic limits, for example, age, sex, ethnicity, or instructive achievement. They can be utilized to help set objectives and practice progressing in the direction of them, give criticism, fortification, self-regard, and...





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