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Guru Chanakya

Attaining Wisdom with Chanakya’s 10 Quotes | Amazing Quotes

Known for incomparable intellectual essence and wisdom, Guru Chanakya was the consultant of Chandragupta Maurya. He served as the “teacher” or “guru” to Chandra Gupta Maurya, King Bindusara, and Samrat Ashok.  Being the royal advisory figure, he was considered...

How Mark Zuckerberg, a college dropout, became a billionaire philanthropist

Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has grown from a Harvard dropout who changed what it intends to be social into an extremely rich person altruist keen on forming a superior world for his little girl. Zuckerberg and his specialist wife,...

10 Astonished Dedicated Indian Civil Servants You Will Be Proud to Know

India is a just nation and in this framework, force deliberates with the people. The common administration is a subdivision of government which is generally gathered with the Executive, and without which governments can’t work. These are men and...
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