Brandy is classic liquor and recognized as the truest form of alcohol. It is known to be one of the favorite drinks all around India and in the world. It has a unique as well as different taste and is the most liked liquor in India. Brandy is prepared by the fermentation of fruit juices in oak casks, and caramel is the main ingredient which plays the main role and offers it the excellent color.

  1. Mcdowell’s No 1Brandy

Same as earlier Mcdowell’s No 1 is on the top in the list of best brandy brands in India. This amazing brandy is known to be the undisputed king of market owing to its high aroma as well as unmatchable taste. This Brandy is known to be the most liked brandy of India and is very popular among the consumers. The total estimated sale of Mcdowell is recorded as 11.54 million in 2010 and also increased the amount by 25 percent. Mcdowell has 51 percent of full share in Indian market.

  1. Mansion House BrandyBrandy

Following Mcdowell no 1 the next is Mansion House Brandy which holds the second position in the list of best brandy brands of India. This brandy belong s to Tilaknagar Industries with the headquarters in Mumbai. The total sale is estimated at 5.38 million in 2010 and has now increased to about 35 percent when compared to figures of last year. This brand has an over welcoming popularity and in terms of taste has the superiority too.

  1. Honey BeeHoney Bee Brandy

Honey Bee is a United Spirit’s brandy and is very popular owing to its taste, smoothness as well as richness. The presence of honey in this brandy makes it taste better and smoother than any other brandy brand. This Honey Bee Brandy is known to be one of the most premium brands in the market. The sales of Honeybee brandy is recorded to be 21.4 percent in 2010 and increased by the sale of 4.37 million in comparison to previous year. That means it has shown a fantastic increment in the Honey Bee sale.

  1. DreherDreher Brandy

The company that makes Dreher with high-quality standards is a Milan based company named Gruppo Campari. The process of making of Dreher comprises of fermentation of fruit along with the appropriate aging of wine. After that, it is preserved in oak barrels to enrich its quality. Dreher is the most liked wine in India among energetic youth as well as brandy lovers. The sale rate of Dreher in India is estimated to 3.4v million brandy cases in 2010.

  1. Old AdmiralBrandy

Old Admiral is one of the highest selling brandy brands in India and is also liked by all. This brand is a Delhi based company RadicoKhaitan. This is a very popular brandy among Indians owing to its exclusive and amazing taste. Since a long time Old Admiral is a part of top-class brandy and liked by the majority of people in many parts of the country. The rates of Old Admiral are very reasonable. The estimated sales of Old Admiral in India is about 2.99 million cases in 2010 and at present increased about 65 percent.

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  1. HennessyBrandy

Hennessy is made by Richard Hennessy Company and is a recognized and bestselling brand of Cognac. This brandy is prepared by the combination of precious cognacs and after that sorted into fine manner. Hennessy is excellent among all other Cognacs brands. It is well liked by the consumers owing to the elegant taste, awesome result as well as amazing flavor.

  1. Remy MartinBrandy

Remy Martin is a French brandy which is prepared by high-quality grapes that are only found in the soil of Cognac region. The exclusive part of Remy Martin is the central centaur logo on its bottle which shines for its supremeness. It is known to be the most authentic taste brands and one of the most demanding brands in India. Remy Martin is the perfect elegant choice for any celebration and function which would suit your all requirements. The specialty of Remy Martin is that it will be stored until they complete ten years and can be stored up to 37 years.

  1. Courvoisier

Courvoisier brandy is of Beam Suntory Group, and the French label on it will take you to the era of Napoleon. This is the best brandy brand for all age groups and appropriate for celebration and parties. It is the most used brandy in the entertainment industry to pop. This is best for those who want relaxation after a stressful life routine.  It is a very affordable brandy brand too which will offer you relaxation along with pleasure.

  1. John ExshawBrandy

John Exshawis a French brandy and is mostly liked by allowing for its aromatic texture, fruit duos as well as rich flavors. After consumption of John, Exshawis person experience to be on the top of the world. This is a perfect choice for all parties, occasions, and functions. It is readily available due to a good amount of import in India and is available at almost all retail wine shops. It’s known to be one of the finest brandies worldwide. It is also one of the top brandy brands in India and is highly sold out in the Indian market.

  1. Golden GrapeBrandy

Golden grape is the special brandy with a blend of fruit flavors which are liked by almost all age groups as well as genders. It is very popular and suitable for every occasion and party owing to its taste and texture. The presence of taste of fruit merely is great, and it also makes it more appealing. It is known to be the most affordable brandy brands in India and also one of the best liquors to serve in parties.  Golden grape is prepared after doing the accurate aging and which make it finest of all brandy brands.

One of the finest French inventions was Brandy and India has one of the finest countries having the best taste for brandy. Above listed brandy brands are some of the finest brandy which you should taste ones in your lifetime. RajitFoodBrandy,Brandy Brands,Dreher Brandy,Honey Bee Brandy,Old Admiral Brandy,Remy Martin,Wine
Brandy is classic liquor and recognized as the truest form of alcohol. It is known to be one of the favorite drinks all around India and in the world. It has a unique as well as different taste and is the most liked liquor in India. Brandy is prepared...