Rum is known to be one of the favorite alcoholic drinks and is essentially sugarcane-based drink. It is mainly used as a cocktail or as a drink. Rum is also used in a few cooking recipes such as Rum and Rasin cake. Rum is known to be the highest consumed drink in India, and many rum bands are available in Indian market. We have listed some of the best Rum Brands in India to help you out:

  1. MalibuRum

Malibu is rum from Caribbean region and is well known and admired for its coconut flavor. Malibu is the first choice to be used as a base for numerous cocktails owing to its white base and is manufactured by Pernod Rocard. The taste of Malibu is a slight sweetness which adds character to the flavor. Malibu is also accessible in many different flavors and also offers Malibu Black and is known to be the best dark rum brand. Some of the best well known Malibu flavors com pries Malibu Sundae, Malibu Island Spice, Malibu Swirl, Malibu Banana, Malibu Pineapple, Malibu Island Melon and Malibu Mango. Indian markets comprise some of the Malibu flavors Malibu Snow coco, Malibu Original and Malibu Red, which is the mix of tequila and rum.

  1. BacardiRum

Bacardi is known to be one of the most demandable brands in the Indian market. Bacardi Rum comprises of three main flavors owing to its intensity as well as hue. The flavors of Bacardi Rum comprise Bacardi Superior which is white rum, Bacardi Select which is dark rum and Bacardi Gold which is Gold Rum. Bacardi offers numerous flavored rums which include apple, Raspberry, orange, Limon as well as dragon berry and all are of the White base. The taste of Bacardi rum is amazing as it tastes sweet as well as fruity with the touch of vanilla.

  1. McDowell’sXXX Rum

Mc Dowell’s is recognized as the number one run brand in India produced by UB group. This brand has received many prestigious awards which include the award for beverage Tasting Institute in 2008.This rum brand is darkish in color; it also offers the white rum brand known as Mc Dowell’s Caribbean. It also comes in two amazing flavors i.e. vanilla as well as caramel. It is very popular owing to its unique flavor. Bacardi also manufactures whiskey as well as brandy with the same names. This rum comprises about 42.8 percent of alcohol in it.

  1. Old MonkRUM

Old Monk is known to be one of the leading rum brands in India and is a product of Mohan Meakin. It has a slight vanilla flavor and is accessible in six variations. The six varieties include Old Monk Gold Reserve Rum, Old Monk Supreme Rum, Old Monk XXX Rum, Old Monk White Rum, Old Monk Legend-Limited Edition Rum and Old Monk Deluxe XXX Rum. It is the most popular rum brand worldwide and manufactures about six varieties of Rum, and out of all of them, the Old Monk is famous. It contains about 40 percent of alcohol content in it.

  1. Havana ClubRUM

Havana Club is one of the most popular rum brands and is manufactured by Pernod Ricard as well as Cuban government. Havana Rum brands comprise Havana Club Añejo Especial, Havana Club Añejo Blanco, Havana Club Añejo 7 Años, Havana Club Añejo 3 Años and Havana Club Añejo Reserva. This brand offers two amazing flavors i.e. chocolate as well as vanilla. The presence of alcohol content in it is 40 percent and is also one of the affordable rum brands in India.

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  1. Captain MorganRum

Captain Morgan is known to be the most renowned brands worldwide. It is very well known rum brand was owing to its excellent variety as well as extraordinary taste. The company which market Captain Morgan in India is Diageo, the origin of this rum brand is in Jamaica. This brand also offers many variants, but the most liked is Black Spiced Rum. As it has the hints of spices. It contains about 42.8 percent of alcohol content in it.

  1. ContessaRum

Contessa is a well-known brand from Radico Khaitan which comprises of raisins. It is the only brand made by cane juice spirit and is sold in more than sixty countries. Contessa is a well-liked brand in Indian market owing to its strong flavor. The alcohol content in Contessa is 42.8 percent. It also manufactures one more popular drink in India, i.e. 8 PM whiskey. This rum brand has the main demand in defense segment and has been awarded a Silver Medal too along with a bronze medal in 2007 owing to its high quality.

  1. Old PortRum

Old Port is known to be one of the most popular brands in India, comes from Amrut Distilleries. It comprises some hint of butterscotch and vanilla flavors in is accessible in four variations. These four variants comprise Old Port Matured Rum, Old Port Deluxe Rum, Amrut XXX and Amrut XXX Classic Rum. The variants range from dark brown hues to the reddish brown hues. The best variant of Old Port among all is Old Port Matured Rum. It has about 40 percent of alcohol content in it. In addition to Rum Old Port also manufactures Brandy, whiskey, Gin as well as Vodka.

  1. Jolly RogerRum

Jolly Roger is the best rum brands in the list of top rum brands in India. It is a molasses based product of allies Blenders and Distillers. It contained a slight hint of spics in it and appreciated for its unique taste. Jolly Roger is known to be the appropriate blend of amazing natural spices. This is a dark rum which is well liked by all and is very popular. In the Indian market, Jolly Roger is available in numerous packs.

  1. HerculesRum

Hercule is very popular, especially in the defense segment. This rum brand is available in about three variants which comprise Hercules Deluxe Rum Dark, Hercules XXX Rum, and Hercules White Rum. Khoday manufactures this fantastic rum brand, and in addition to rum, this brand also manufactures beer, brandy as well as whiskey. It contains about 42.5 percent of alcohol in it. ChawlaFoodAmrut XXX,Amrut XXX Classic Rum,Bacardi Rum,Havana Club,Old Monk,Old Monk Deluxe XXX Rum,Old Port Deluxe Rum,RUM,XXX RUM
Rum is known to be one of the favorite alcoholic drinks and is essentially sugarcane-based drink. It is mainly used as a cocktail or as a drink. Rum is also used in a few cooking recipes such as Rum and Rasin cake. Rum is known to be the highest...