There are numerous fabulous rappers in the world, and many of them are millionaires. However, till date, there is nobody who touched billion dollar limit but is very close to it. There are many fans of these world well-known rappers, and they come out at its best to them. Below we have listed richest rappers in the world; from time to time we can describe them as the money making machines too. Let’s have a look at them:

  1. Sean CombsRichest Rappers

Sean Combs is well-known to be the world’s richest rapper with the net worth of about 820 million dollars as per Forbes list. The total wealth of Sean Combs comes from the clothing line he owns along with the stakes in companies such as Revolt TV, Circoc Vodka as well as Aquahydrate. You can also call him Diddy or else Puff daddy. The best name for him can be Money making Mitch. He is a man with a long-lasting reputation as a successful businessman.

  1. Jay-ZRappers

One of the well known richest rappers in the world is Jay-Z and has the records for the majority of the albums with the solo artist which was ranked as number one in the charts of Billboard. His business career fetches cash for him and along with that his stakes in Armand de Brignac champagne, Rocawear as well as Tidal. All this assist him to bring together a net worth of 810 million dollars as per Forbes. He struck an agreement with Samsung in 2013 and which noticed the tech giant purchase a million of Magna Carta.

  1. Dr. DreRichest Rappers

As per the Forbes, Dr. Dre has the net worth of about 740 million dollars. The money he has mainly comes from Beats Electronics, which is a company which he co-founded and afterward sold for about 3 billion dollars to Apple in cash as well as stock. This Apple’s acquisition is the main reason for Dr. Dre to be on the list. One more thing is there which assisted Doc’s bankroll to add to was the NWA biopic named Straight Outta Compton which he produced.

  1. Master P

    Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

The net worth of Master P is valued at 250 million dollars as is at number three in the list of richest rappers in the world. He used to be a former basketball player, producer, and a rapper. He also employed about 10000 dollars inheritance to open a record store which was successful and is now a business empire. It has stakes in the whole thing which comprises from telecommunications to real estate. In 1990s Master P constructed his no limit empire and guided several others to pursue his footprints. This no limit empire includes in it a film production company, a travel agency, and a clothing line as well s a video game company.

  1. EminemRappers

The net worth of Eminem is about 210 million dollars and is much known as the best selling rappers in the world. He earns very much from its albums, and along with it, he makes money from acting and Shady Records record label too. In addition to it, he also earned much in sold-out arena tours as well as live performances. Eminem does not have an absurdly money-spinning business venture similar to Dr. Dre who was his mentor.

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  1. UsherRichest Rappers

Usher’s net worth is estimated at 180 million dollars and has the most prominent selling recording artist worldwide. He also possesses a record label as well as his own fragrance lineage. He also has the stakes in loads of companies such as Mass Appeal, Yoobi Tidal as well as Cleveland Cavaliers NBA team.

  1. Kanye WestRichest Rappers

The net worth of one of the richest rapper worldwide Kanye West is about 160 million dollars. He is also awarded artists at Grammys too. He comprises his record sales and his own record. He also has fashion labels as well as stakes in Tidal too, which lend a hand in maintaining the coffers filled up. He is a producer, designer along with rapper and comprises of many avenues to generate revenue. He is known to be a business indeed rapper too.

  1. Lil WayneRappers

Lil Wayne is known to be one of the rap label’s biggest selling artists. When he joined Cash Money Records, he was only nine. He also poses a stake in Tidal and along with it also released his Rikers island prison memoir too. His net worth was recorded at 150 million dollars. His earnings are primarily generated from his music as he charges heavy performance fees. Along with it, he tours persistently in addition to moves numerous of record units too.

  1. BirdmanRappers

Birdman in spite of not giving any hit is on the list of the richest rappers on the planet with the net worth of about 110 million dollars. This is a co-owner of one of most successful hip-hop record company is, i.e. Cash Money records. He added a cloth line named YMCMB as well as GT Vodka to blend. Birdman would be ranked as number one on the list of world’s richest rapper if he had not to divide up his fortune with his brother. However, 110 million dollars is not a less amount for an individual who does not have any recognizable job description.

  1. LL Cool JRappers

The net worth of LL Cool J is about 100 million dollars and is known to be an accomplished rapper as well as the actor. His earnings include his music sales along with his rewarding acting deals. He has earned more than 150000 dollars in a single episode of NCIS: Los Angels in which he has performed as a Special Agent. He also performed in numerous other amazing movies such as Rollerball, Deep Blue Sea as well as grudge Mach. He is a well-known tech investor too, and one of his startups is Boomdizzle. My Connect Studio is his flagship product which assists power collaboration by permitting musician to edit, record as well as an upload in real time. RajitEntertainmentMusicDr. Dre,Eminem,Jay-Z,Kanye West,LL Cool J,Master P,Rappers,Richest Rappers,Sean Combs,Usher
There are numerous fabulous rappers in the world, and many of them are millionaires. However, till date, there is nobody who touched billion dollar limit but is very close to it. There are many fans of these world well-known rappers, and they come out at its best to them....