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Slovenia is known to be the actual lover’s paradise as it is jam-packed with hidden dream spots. You will undoubtedly fall in love with the Romantic landscape of Slovenia. There are many magical glamping places in Slovenia with a unique blend of modern as well as traditional comfort. Slovenia is a place which offers different tastes, fantastic nightlife and much more. This is known to be the best place for adventure lovers. The capital city of Slovenia, i.e. Ljubljana is known to be a real treat for romantic couples. You can explore many romantic spots on the Slovenian coast. Below we have listed some of the things that you will definitely love about Slovenian :

  • Food and Wine

Slovenia is the perfect place for food lovers. People who want to enjoy food and wine should visit Slovenia as it has about 24 gastronomic areas as well as three wine growing areas. You will get everything here from local mineral water to beers from local Slovenian micoberries which tastes fantastic. This place has the different taste if different regions as the taste of Alps are different from the taste of Adriatic coast. Taste of Karst region will differ from the taste of Pannonian Plan. Each area of Slovenia has their diverse taste and specialty. You can enjoy special meat products, oils, honey, sausages and cheese in Slovenian. The reason to love Slovenia is the dishes in many parts of Slovenia which is prepared locally.

  • Culture

Slovenia nation is intensely linked with its culture as well as language. To explore the culture of Slovenia, you should visit arts festivals in Slovenia. Here you can thoroughly enjoy wine, beer, chocolate, as well as shopping. There are no villages or hills in Slovenia which does not have church. The entire country is full of monasteries, roadside shrines as well as convents. Towns of Slovenia got their urban look more or less two millennia ago the when Roman arrived. If you want to explore the old town, then you should visit several specific areas of the country to get up to date with the Culture of Slovenia.

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  • Wellness and spa

Health Resorts in Slovenia are connected with the refurbishment of health. In many few decades, they have moved towards the modern professional approach. Wellnesses along with many other treatment programmes are supplemented by selfness programmes. You will love this wellness experience in Slovenia. On the other hand Spas in Slovenia comprise numerous outdoor as well as indoor water areas. They also present for your massage as well as therapeutic pools.

  • Nightlife

After sunset, party lovers come out to enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Slovenia. This place comprises a lot of nightclubs as well as bars. You should not miss the life of Slovenia after dark, and this is the reason to visit Slovenia. Ljubljana, The capital city of Slovenia, is, and it lights up at night. You can stroll along the riverside to explore nightclubs, pubs, casinos as well as jazz bars. If you want to search out something other than these pubs and bars you can explore and enjoy exhibitions, festivals as well as theatres in Slovenia. The focal point of Nightlife in Ljubljana is Prešernov Trg which comprises the majority of city’s clubs, cafes as well as bars.

  • Winter sports

Slovenia is the best place to enjoy winter sports as you can participate and enjoy in numerous winter activities. Winter sports in Slovenia include winter hiking, cross-country skiing as well as snowshoeing. Kranjska Gora is known to be one of the best resorts in Slovenia to enjoy winter sports. This is a country which offers diversity owing to its great geographical locations. The majority of the country’s ski resorts are nearby  Ljubljana. Almost all ski resorts in Slovenia provide direct access to the front of ski slopes along with jaw breaking mountain views.

  • Watersports

Treat yourself to a swim in several thermal spas and swimming pools in Slovenia as it is rich in natural water resources. You can find refreshment in crystal clear rivers, lakes and sea in Slovenia. The quality of water in Slovenia is measured on a regular basis and in the majority of bathing sites in Slovenia offers free bath facility. You can explore water sports in Slovenia both on and undersea. Surfing and kiteboarding will rush through all your veins, and you can also travel around and take pleasure in the underwater world in Slovenia. Go canoeing, rafting as well as kayaking in Slovenia along with enjoying the scenic gorges and also the adventure of magnificent nature.

  • Shopping

Slovenia is a great place for shopping as you will get many items made by modern Slovenian designers as well as fashion designers. There are many small boutiques which offer unique and art products. You can seek for largest shopping centers of Slovenian in many bigger Slovenian cities such as Nova Gorica, Ljubljana, Celje, Novo Mesto and many more. Slovenia is a hub of premium wines as best wine of Slovenia can be found in wine bars.

  • Places to visit

Slovenia is an only country which has earned the title as the green tourist destination in the world. It is the land of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Slovenia has many major attractions where you can discover and enjoy. The jewel of Slovenia’s crown in Ljubljana which is very vibrant and has something in it for everyone. The magical place of Slovenia is Lake Bled and Bohinj which is soaked in the loveliness of angels. There many other places to visit in Slovenia like The Slovene coast, Karst region, Logarska Dolina, Soca valley and may more where you can find the real beauty of Slovenia.

Plan your tour to Slovenia you will surely get your money’s worth as it is the country where innovativeness is infinite. This place is often ignored by travelers for the reason that it has more famous neighbors. In Slovenia, you will get an opportunity to experience nature at it best. RajitTravelCulture of Slovenia,Health Resorts in Slovenia,real beauty of Slovenia,Romantic landscape of Slovenia,Slovenia,Spas in Slovenia,Towns of Slovenia,Travel To Slovenia
Image Via Slovenia is known to be the actual lover's paradise as it is jam-packed with hidden dream spots. You will undoubtedly fall in love with the Romantic landscape of Slovenia. There are many magical glamping places in Slovenia with a unique blend of modern as well as traditional...