Marvelous or just astoundingly beautiful all the islands listed below will offer vast stretches of beauty to explore and many elegant places to hang out at night. Islands are extraordinary as they offer sandy beaches, coral reefs, and unique species along with mesmerizing sunsets. Below are some of the most beautiful Islands in the world which you should visit once in your lifetime:

  • Palawan in the Philippines

Palawan is a beautiful Island positioned in the Philippines enclosed by striking sea water and appears like a blue jewel. This sparsely populated region comprises of exclusive wildlife both aquatic as well as terrestrial and is known to be one of the most stunning places on the planet. This beautiful Island will welcome you to bright white beaches, attractive coral reefs along with verdant green jungles and will undoubtedly offer you one of the most memorable experiences.

  • Bora Bora in French Polynesia

This tiny volcanic island of Bora Bora is much more stunning in comparison to what many artists could have designed. It is known as the excellent romantic spot which will make you fall in love with it after you experience the romantic midnight dinner on the beach. Couples around the world rejoice this island as white sand beaches offer the way to azure waters. This is known to be one of the romantic islands in the world.

  • Santorini in Greece

Santorini Island is the island what is immortalized by painters as well as poets as it comprises of picture-perfect sunsets, multi-colored cliffs along with the rejoiced light.  Owing to its volcanic past, this Island has black, white and red beaches only. This Island is known to be the most beautiful Islands in the world and most popular destination in Greece to visit. The time of sunset offers you are genuinely spectacular view owing to reflection on buildings and the glow of orange and red in the cliffs.

  • Bali in Indonesia

If you need a little relaxation, along with adventure than this island would be the best choice for you. Bali white beaches are the best place to enjoy diving. Jungles with monkeys and hidden stone temples also call out to explore this place. Bali is a small beautiful island which owns the panorama and exclusive culture. This tropical heaven has a unique mix of modern tourist amenities along with superb shopping, heritage sites, and rich past. You can also discover many surfing points on the island along with white sand beaches as well as gentle sea.

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  • Maldives

Maldives is a tropical paradise comprising sandy beaches and abundant sea life. It is known as the most popular holiday destination in the world as it boasts white sandy beaches, colorful reefs, and blue sea water. Best accommodations here are the private beach huts which are lying in the midst of the Indian Ocean. Maldives also offer watching, about 1000 to 1500 dolphins as well as whales.

  • Maui in Hawaii

Maui is known as the second largest landmass comprises eight significant islands as well as 124 islets. The Maui Island features plenty of beaches and is known as the best place to visit in the United States. Maui has no shortage of beauty, and you can spend your relaxing time here and can also enjoy games at the golf courses. This place also attracts surfers as well as windsurfers globally. It is also the well-known snorkeling and scuba location too.

  • Fiji

Fiji is known as the most popular honeymoon destination in the world as it offers secluded beaches, waterfalls as well as rainforests. Fiji is a group of nearly about 300 islands and more than 500 islets. This Island comprises shaggy volcano peaks, beautiful coral reefs, dense rainforests as well as exotic waterfalls. Despite the fact that all the islands are magnificent and exclusive in Fiji some of them which should be preferred are Beqa, Vatulele, Qamea, Waya, Kadavu, Lakeba, Nacula and many more.

  • Seychelles

Seychelles is a feast for senses and offers the ideal setting for an exotic Island retreat as it presents the breathtaking the blend of sounds along with sights. For those people who dream of luxury and comfort, this Island is the best place to choose as it offers boundless opportunities for serenity and rest. This is a place where aquamarine waters along with warm turquoise of Indian Ocean provide a bright contrast to travelers. All beaches in Seychelles are known to be the most beautiful beaches in the world.

  • Kauai in Hawaii

Beaches in Kauai offer you unclouded water; sunbathe on powdered stones, copious corals along with wildlife. We can say that Kauai’s beaches present everything which you wish to take pleasure in sea and sand. The excellent part of Kauai is the small town charisma along with Na Pali Coast which is known as the most popular attraction here. Kauai is the least developed among other islands of Hawaii and is also the fourth visited Islands in Hawaii. The Kauai Islands are also the famous and most popular spots in the midst of the filmmakers too as it is a proper secreted jewel of sorts.

  • Lucia

Stunning Islands

Saint Lucia is the ideal place for rejuvenation, adventure as well as romance. It is said to be the actual and natural landscape comprising of miles of unspoiled rainforests, beautiful palm-fringed beaches, majestic Piton Mountains, breathtaking views and natural waterfalls. The majority of travelers are impressed with the lasting memories of friendly locals in addition to the authentic culture of Saint Lucia. It also comprises of natural hot springs where you can restore health and even small fishing villages that you can explore. This island is trendy among the honeymooners, and the central part is that this Island is not much expensive in comparison to its neighboring islands.

Plan out to some exotic vacations in the above-listed islands. These will offer white sandy beaches, azure waters and many more activities comprising scuba diving, snorkeling and much more. Undoubtedly above-listed Islands will present you an unforgettable experience for your lifetime. RajitTravelBali in Indonesia,Beautiful Islands in the World,Bora Bora in French Polynesia,Fiji,Maldives,Maui in Hawaii,Palawan in the Philippines,Santorini in Greece,Seychelles,Stunning Islands
Marvelous or just astoundingly beautiful all the islands listed below will offer vast stretches of beauty to explore and many elegant places to hang out at night. Islands are extraordinary as they offer sandy beaches, coral reefs, and unique species along with mesmerizing sunsets. Below are some of the...