U 17 Fifa World CupA squad prepared with utmost hard work and precision, the under 17 group of football team has fought all odds to be on the career top. Well, the team has developed with an amalgamation of dedication and willingness to raise the Indian Flag on foreign grounds. Every other member of the team has gone through adversities in life. But, this could not stop them from accomplishing their dream to play for the country and become First Indian Team to participate in U-17 FIFA World Cup. Be it a rickshaw driver’s son, a tailor’s son or street vendor’s son, the team members have fought their tough backgrounds and stayed away from family to pursue dreams.

1. Amarjit Singh KiyamIndia U-17 Fifa World Cup Player

Hailing from Manipur, Amarjit’s father is a farmer and carpenter by profession; while, his mother is a fish seller. Both of them had supported him immensely to train in playing football. He made football his ambition at the very young age in school and joined Chandigarh Football Academy in 2010. There he caught the attention of the selectors, who chose him to be captain of U-17 football Indian Team.

2. Komal Thatal India U-17 football team

Coming from the beautiful state of Sikkim, Komal never had money to buy football in his very young age. This could not put a stop to his love for football and he practiced by making a ball from rags as well as plastic. Both of his parents, Arun Kumar and Sumitra, are into the profession of tailoring. They supported him tremendously, which landed him at Namchi Sports Academy in 2011. In the existing team, he plays at the position of Midfielder.

3. Sanjeev StalinU 17 Fifa World Cup

Belonging to Bengaluru, Sanjeev Stalin is one of the most promising players in the U-17 football team. His parents happen to sell jerseys on the footpath Bengaluru. He, like others in the team, developed love for football at very young age. Sanjeev’s capabilities enabled him to get enrolled at Chandigarh Football Academy. He stayed there for about 7 years and shifted to AIFF Academy in Goa. From then, it has been a tremendous journey for him.

4. Jeakson SinghIndia U-17 football team

Jeakson Singh belongs to the family of sportspersons, which prepared grounds for him to fall in love with football at a young age. He used to accompany his father to the village’s local football club. Later on, he joined Chandigarh Football Academy and trained relentlessly. This made him overcome his flaws and earn a place in U-17 Indian Football Team as Midfielder.

5. Suresh Singh WangjamIndia U-17 football team

Known as one of the most skilled players in the team, Suresh Singh Wangjam led the team to AFC U-16 and BRICS Cup in 2016. Going against the will of his family, he remained dedicated to football that made him represent Manipur in National U-14 championship. Further, he was called by the selectors in Goa for the trails of U-17 and earned a position as Midfielder.

6. Anwar AliIndia U-17 football team

Born in a small town of Jalandhar named Adampur, Anwar Ali is one of the four players from Minerva Punjab FC to represent India in U-17 FIFA World Cup. Though, he was released by the AIFF Academy after playing U-14; Anwar Ali joined Mahilpur Academy and Minerva FC Academy at Chandigarh to pursue his dreams.

7. Abhijit Sarkar

Though, his previous generations did not have any success at the football field; still, Abhijit Sarkar from West Bengal tool up football only as a profession. His father works as a van rickshaw driver and mother binds cheap cigarettes at a local grocery shop. His parents encouraged him to play football and enabled him to balance studies as well. He came to limelight with his score against Italy XI on a European tour and netted three goals against Valmontone City in Lazio Cup. All his hard work earned him the position of midfielder.

8. Dheeraj Singh Moirangatham

Dheeraj used to be very active in sports at the school level; but, never planned or thought of playing FIFA World Cup. Initially, he participated in the tournament representing Bisnupur District. From there, he was chosen to play for Manipur’s Junior Team. This opened gates for him at AIFF Academy for professional training. Further, he gained experience of playing in 2013 SAFF U-16 tournament and AFC U-16 championship. His sheer hard work and dedication earned him the position of Goal Keeper in U-17 Indian Team for FIFA World Cup.

9. Boris Singh

Boris dreams were never shaken by inadequate resources at home or his parents’ dreams to involve hi in another profession. There was a time; when he used to practice football with a tennis ball because of the scarcity of resources as his father’s grocery shop was shut. He, further, played in AFC U-16 championship and has been India’s defender in Four-Nation Tournament at Mexico.

10. Aniket Jadhav

Aniket grew in Kolhapur town of Maharashtra, which is known for extreme craze for football. He started training at Krida Prabodhini in Pune from a young age. His skills got polished that made him join Pune’s FC’s Under-15 team. Indeed, he was one of the 10 lucky players, who were picked by legendary Paul Breitner to represent India at FC Bayern Munich Youth Cup in 2010. It was at the trials in Goa that he got selected as a striker.

11. Rahul Kannoly Praveen

Rahul is the son of a dog breeder from Thrissur in Kerala and was encouraged by his Uncle to play football at the very young age. He developed skills of football by playing with his friends. Further to this, he was spotted by former Kerala Santosh Trophy Coach M Peethambaran at the time of coaching camp. Then, he played in U-14 State Football Championship and even U-14 State Football Championship in 2013. Later, he earned a place in U-17 FIFA World Cup Team for India.

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A squad prepared with utmost hard work and precision, the under 17 group of football team has fought all odds to be on the career top. Well, the team has developed with an amalgamation of dedication and willingness to raise the Indian Flag on foreign grounds. Every other member...