GOA is a place which always remains at the top of the list of anyone who loves to travel. Though it is an extremely popular tourist destination in India, be it for foreigners or Indians, there are many places in Goa that still remain much unexplored. One can never have enough of Goa no matter how many times the place is visited! This place has some breathtaking naturally beautiful places and magnificent architectures which will make you realize that Goa is not only about usually crowded beaches and parties.

Here is a list of a few of those off-beat places in Goa that will make your trip worth remembering forever and after …

  1. Arambol Beach

The Arambol village, located in Northern Goa, is an absolute paradise for the hippy environment lovers. The Arambol beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa. The best time to visit Arambol is November – February.

How to reach:

It takes about 1.5 to 2 hours drive to reach Arambol from the Dabolim Airport.

There are bus routes from Vasco Da Gama railway station (Panajim – Mapusa – Arambol). From the last bus stop in Arambol, it is an about 2km walk to the main beach. There is also a daily private bus service from Panjim to Arambol.

What to do:

A few minutes’ walk towards the north from the main beach leads to a ‘freshwater lake’. It will give you a wonderful view overlooking the beach if you climb up the hills nearby. To the left of the lake, there is a trail that will lead you to a huge banyan tree. This location is perfect for paragliding and kite surfing. You can take up courses in Meditation, Yoga, Reiki, Odissi dance and musical instruments.

Where to stay:

Though there are no major hotels in Arambol, there are a number of good service apartments. One can also opt for the beach huts.

  1. Butterfly Beach

This exquisite beach has translucent water with white sand, offering serene views with necessary privacy since it is visited by only a handful of travelers. November – March is the perfect time to enjoy the serenity of this place.

How to reach:

This beach is in the north of Palolem beach and about 37km from Margao. It takes a 2-hour trek with steep climbs through the forest to reach the place. Therefore the more convenient option is taking short boat rides from Palolem beach or Agonda beach to reach the Butterfly beach.

What to do:

This beach, as the name goes, is home to numerous butterflies. You can also see crabs and goldfishes during low tides. You may also have sights of dolphins playing nearby the shores. The other things to do in the Butterfly Beach are canoe riding, boat riding, sunbathing, rock climbing, trekking through the forest and witnessing breathtaking sunsets.

Where to stay:

There are a number of well-rated hotels and resorts within a few kilometers from the beach. 

  1. Kakolem Beach

Kakolem beach, also known as Tiger beach is a small less explored yet beautiful beach that is situated in the south of Cabo De Rama beach.

How to reach:

It is at a distance of 31km from Margao. A small trail off the main road leads to this beach. Having no proper roads, it is quite difficult to reach the place and the climb back is also hectic, but the efforts to reach are worth it.

What to do:

The views from the cliffs are splendid. The beach also has a small spring that flows along the hillside into sea.

Where to stay:

There are no places to stay nearby this beach.

  1. Chorla Ghat

Choral Ghats is a part of the Western Ghats and located in the north-east of Panaji, Goa at the intersection of Goa, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. It is an eco-tourism destination that any nature lover will love to explore.

How to reach:

Chorla Ghat is about 2 hours drive from Dabolim Airport as well as from Vasco Da Gama.

There are indirect bus routes from Panjim to Chorla Ghats.

What to do:

The activities you can indulge yourself in Chorla Ghats are bird watching, foot trail, jungle walks, treks, and hikes. Apart from these, exploring the lush green tropical forest is sure to amaze its visitors by its serenity.

Where to stay:

The best place to stay here will be the Wildernest Nature Resort which is an ecoresort overlooking the rainforest.

  1. Divar Island

The Divar Island lies in the Mandovi river in North Goa, at about 10km from Panjim. This island provides splendid vie of rural Goa with paddy fields, hills and greenery all around.

How to reach:

This island is connected by ferry with Old Goa (in the south-east), Ribandar (in the south-west) and Nerve (in the north). Panjim is connected to the island via a launch. The nearest railway station is at Carambolim.

What to do:

You can experience the rural version of Goa here. There are a number of Churches and Temples to visit in Divar Island. Two popular festivals here are Bonderam and Potekar.

Where to stay:

You will get pretty good home-stay and villa options for your stay here.

Apart from these, some other less explored must visit places in Goa are:

  1. Cabo De Rama (28km from Margao) is a beautiful Portuguese fort is in the south, overlooking the beach, providing a panoramic view. The fort even offers a great view of the Colva beach and the Canacona stretch. There is a church of Santo Antonio inside the fort which is still accessed by the devotees. There are a very few accommodation options available nearby. The Cape Goa is the only nearest accommodation available.

  1. Fort Tiracol (42km north of Panaji) also known as Terekhol Fort is a Portuguese fort of the 17th century that is located at the northern tip of Goa. The fort is on the top of a cliff and gives a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea. The church in the courtyard of the fort is open to the general public only on certain occasions. This fort has now been converted into a hotel.

  1. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is situated on the western tip of an island in the Mandovi River (4km from Panaji). This bird sanctuary is covered by low mangrove forest and an absolute paradise for bird lovers being the home for numerous migrating birds.

  1. Mollem National Park is in Sanguem taluk, Goa along its eastern border. The park has temples of the Kadamba Dynasty architecture, the Dudhsagar Falls, and the Devils Canyon among some other tourist spots. The park can be accessed by park vehicles.

  1. Harvalem Waterfalls is located in North Goa, 2km from Sanquelim and 8km from Bicholim. It is a 10 minutes drive from the Arvalem Caves. This waterfall, though not as spectacular as the Dudhsagar waterfalls, it is much interesting and worth a visit.

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GOA is a place which always remains at the top of the list of anyone who loves to travel. Though it is an extremely popular tourist destination in India, be it for foreigners or Indians, there are many places in Goa that still remain much unexplored. One can never...