Japan is famous for its beautiful natural landscape and its strong culture but it is also the home to some of the most unique and delicious cuisines in the world. Japan is truly a culinary wonderland. Japanese cuisine is one of the world`s most diverse cuisines where lots of fresh vegetables and all sorts of meats and seafood, both raw, cooked and grilled are used. Japan has its own speciality and uniqueness when it comes to food. Presentation and smell are very important elements in Japanese cuisines. Thousands of festivals and events are held in the streets of Japan every year and one of the most charming features of these events is the huge number of street food vendors who offer some mouth-watering and delicious dishes and sweets. They are often cheap but the dishes are of high-quality and very tasty. The street food vendors are known as yatai in Japanese and most Japanese street foods are based on old classics. Street food culture is less widespread in Japan compared to other Asian countries Thailand or Taiwan. Many Japanese cities don’t have much street food at all but there are exceptions as well.  Nakasu district of Fukuoka is known for its street food. There are many street foods that people cannot have in restaurants and sometimes the foods are available in restaurants but somehow the taste is different from the street vendors.  The street vendors in Japan offer extremely salty, sweet and flavourful versions of snacks. Here is a list of some of the Japanese street foods that are famous all over the world.

  1. Takoyaki: 

This dish originated in the streets of Osaka in Japan but now it is found in other Japanese cities as well. These are ball-shaped pancakes and consist of a wheat flour-based batter filled with diced octopus, tempura pieces, pickled ginger and green onions. It is then topped with more green onions, fish shavings, mayonnaise and a special takoyaki sauce. The takoyaki is then finally topped with shavings of dried bonito. Click on Image for the entire recipe.Japanese Street Food

  1. Ramen:

This soup dish consists of Chinese-style wheat noodles served in a meat or fish broth and flavored with soya sauce or miso and topped with sliced tender pork, dried seaweed, kamaboko, boiled eggs, green onions, sprouts or nori. Every region of Japan has its own variation of this dish. Fukuoka is famous for its well-known ramen noodles. The recipe of the dish is given here.Japanese Street Food

  1. Yaki Tomorokoshi: 

This one is a healthier street food option and is generally found at yatai in Japanese streets and at festivals. In this dish corn is boiled and then grilled with miso and then the grilled cob is brushed with soya sauce, mirin and butter. The corn tastes sweet and has a creamy depth. The complete recipe is given here.Japanese Street Food

  1. Crepes:

This is originally a French dessert but is a very popular Japanese street food. Crepes are made from a batter that is cooked on a griddle and filled with azuki beans and whipped cream, or chicken with teriyaki sauce. It is then folded into a cone shape and wrapped in a paper case. Crêpes on Takeshita-Dori in Harajuku is one of the most famous places in Tokyo to try this. The recipe is given here.

  1. Yakitori:

These are small pieces of chicken skewered and grilled on a bamboo stick. The skewers are also made with the chicken liver, skin, small intestine or cartilage and seasoned with wasabi, umeboshi (sour pickled plum paste), karashi (mustard), tare (soy grilling sauce) and salt. There are also variations to this dish like negima yakitori which are pieces of juicy chicken thigh and green onion and tsukune, which is chicken mince mixed with other flavorings. The entire recipe is given here.



  1. Yakisoba:

These are wheat noodles fried with small pieces of pork and cabbage, carrots, and onions and topped with benishoga, katsuobushi, aonori, a squeeze of Worcestershire sauce, Japanese mayonnaise and sometimes a fried egg. The sauce gives the noodles a sour and a spicy flavour and this is perfect as a snack. The recipe is given here.


  1. Imagawayaki:

 It is a sweet street food and is a made from a batter of eggs, flour, sugar, and water that is ‘baked’ in disk-shaped moulds and is filled with red bean paste, custard, cheese, meat, potatoes or curry. They are known by different names in different regions of Japan. The entire recipe is given here.

  1. Ikayaki:

In this dish, Fresh squid is grilled over charcoal and coated with soya sauce and served with a slice of lemon. This is a-a meaty and flavourful meal-on-the-go and is a very famous Japanese street food though it might not sound very attractive. The recipe of the simple dish is given here.


  1. Yaki Imo:

This dish has a taste of old-world Japan. These are baked sweet potatoes cooked over a wood fire and served in brown paper packets. It has a pleasantly chewy skin and the soft, fluffy flesh has a caramel-like flavor. This is basically an autumn or winter snack but is found in other seasons too. Yaki Imo trucks and carts fitted with wood stoves are found everywhere in Japan.  The recipe of the dish is given here.


  1. Okonomiyaki:

These are Japanese pancakes which are cooked on a griddle and consists of flour, eggs, cabbage, and variety of vegetables and meats. It is prepared ‘Kansai Style,’ where the ingredients are mixed together and then poured on the grill. This dish is also cooked ‘Hiroshima Style’ in which the batter and other ingredients are cooked separately and then served on top of yakisoba noodles.  In both of them, the finished dish is topped with dried seaweed, pickled red ginger, mayonnaise, and savory okonomiyaki sauce. The Matsuri style is packed with filling items such as thick cut bacon.  This dish is prepared to use up leftovers at home. The complete recipe of the dish is given here.


Japanese foods are much more than just sushi. They have wonderful food for every season. Food is a very important part of Japanese lifestyle and a lot of importance is given to street foods. The local food is very tasty and the country has many interesting dishes to offer. When people are on a vacation in Japan they must try these amazing and delicious street foods there and they are cheap and freshly made in front of your eyes so there is always an added advantage.

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Japan is famous for its beautiful natural landscape and its strong culture but it is also the home to some of the most unique and delicious cuisines in the world. Japan is truly a culinary wonderland. Japanese cuisine is one of the world`s most diverse cuisines where lots of...