India is a country, where millions of people spend thousands of rupees on puja and on the so called “baba’s”. Very recently in a very short span of time, so many self-proclaimed Godman has appeared and has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. They are an extremely high profile and have a charismatic personality. They are not lesser than the celebrities; they have bodyguards and wear expensive clothes.

In earlier times the concept was different. The origin of the word Godman comes from the guru shisha tradition of Hinduism.  They had a certain follower and worshippers and they used to solve people problems without any money and show them a certain path and direction.  But these days the so-called self-proclaimed Baba’s play with people’s emotion, and in the pretense of money, they ask their followers to perform some rituals and puja. These innocent “god-fearing” people spend thousands of rupees on these Baba’s and their fake advises.

Let’s take a look on these top 10 fake controversial Baba’s who have stirred the world with their antics :

1. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insaan

Recently he has been convicted of rape and extortion. He is arrested and in jail right now and will serve 10 years of imprisonment.  Born in the year 1967 he is a singer, writer, producer, actor and a filmmaker. He does not believe in any religion, and that’s why he uses Insaan at the end of his title. His parents were a follower of Dera Sacha Sauda and later he headed this organization. He got married at the age of 17 and has one son and two daughters.  After his conviction, there were riots all over Haryana. Even some policemen were caught in possession of illegal arms and ammunitions.  A lot of innocent people lost their lives in this mayhem.

2. Radhe Maa

Born as Sukhvinder Kaur in Punjab, she was married off at the age of 17. After few years of marriage, her husband left her. She was drawn to spirituality at a very early age. And later she introduced herself as Radhe Maa. She has a huge number of followers and she claims she is an avatar of God. She came to the limelight when her dancing video with one of her disciples started going viral. It was very indecent and generated lots of controversies. Many cases are registered against her. She is staying in Mumbai right now.

3. Paramahamsa Nithyananda

He is a Hindu spiritual leader and the founder of Nithyananda Dhyanpeetam. He was even listed as one of the 100 most influential spiritual people.  He has published more than 300 books. He came into controversy when one of his female followers accused him of raping her. Even he threatened her so that she doesn’t lodge a complaint. He got exposed and he went missing, this prompted the Karnataka police to lodge a massive manhunt. He was arrested later. He used to exploit the women by signing a contract and after that, he used to torture them.

4. Asaram Bapu

He is known as” Bapuji” by his followers. He has 425 ashramas and 50 Gurukuls all over India.  He is hugely popular among his followers all over India. He created a huge controversy when he made a remark in the Nirbhaya case. According to him the girl could have begged and should have called them brothers to save her. Besides this, he was even accused of raping a minor girl from his ashram. Asharam is accused of extortion and land grabbing cases.

5. Sathya Sai Baba

One of the most popular Baba in India he has millions of followers all over the world. He passed away in the year 2001. He is famous for building a huge multi specialty hospital that provides free treatment to the weaker section of the society. In spite of his good work, many people have questioned about his “tricks” that he used to perform in front of his followers, for example, producing gold ornaments and Vibhu ti from thin air. There was also controversy regarding the misappropriation of funds in the name of donations.

6. Jayendra Saraswati

He is the 69th Sankhacharya Guru and head of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam. He and his junior are one of the prime accused of murdering the manager of the temple at Kanchipuram. He was even accused of attempt to murder case. The case is still pending in the court.

7. Chandra Swami

His real name is Nemichand, used to be known as a popular astrologer, a psychic and a faith healer. He was accused of innumerable financial irregularities and had a total penalty of Rs 9 crores. Chandraswami was even accused in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case. He was associated with former Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao for a long time. He expired at the age of 66 after a prolonged illness.

8. Sant Rampal

Fake Godman

He is the founder of Satlok ashram. A self-styled Godman, he lives a luxurious life and he owns many luxurious cars.  His supporters created lots of riots and even convicted of an attempt to murder case. He has missed 43 court appearances till now.

9. Swami Premananda

This controversial Godman is a Tamilian from Sri Lanka. He set up an ashram mainly for women and the orphans. He was convicted of raping 13 minor girls from his ashram and even murdering a disciple. He expired in the year 2011.

10. Ichadari Sant Swami Bhimchand

Known as a disciple of Sai Baba, he started working as a security guard in a 5-star hotel. He came into limelight when he was exposed of running a prostitution racket along with two air hostesses. He has assets worth crores.

These are some top 10 controversial self-proclaimed God Man. India is a religious country and these Godmen takes advantage of this situation. But it’s high time now, the people should know that these people are fooling them. In spite of all the accusations still, people follow them and spent huge money. The existence of God is a debatable topic, but that does not mean these people are a messenger of God. It’s high time people should realize this. RajitIndiaNewsChandra Swami,controversial Godman,Fake Godman,Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insaan,India’s Top 10 Fake Godman,Jayendra Saraswati,Paramahamsa Nithyananda,Radhe Maa,Sant Rampal,Sathya Sai Baba,Swami Premananda
India is a country, where millions of people spend thousands of rupees on puja and on the so called “baba’s”. Very recently in a very short span of time, so many self-proclaimed Godman has appeared and has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. They are an...