From the blue waters and brilliant ocean shoreline of the Arabian Sea to the rich sections of land of green backwoods to wonderful marble sanctuaries, Gujarat in India exhibits a differed geology and excellent scenes that charm sightseers to the urban areas in Gujarat.

The urban areas in Gujarat are similarly novel and wonderful. The multicolored texture of Gujarat is not just about sanctuaries, seashores deserts, woods and brilliant celebrations yet of the shades of Gujarat’s tribal life to the dazzling handiwork as well.

Why Gujarat?

Gujarat is one those states in India that you can continue investigating and still feel like you have a great deal more to see. The biggest coastline in the nation is in Gujarat which has various delightful brilliant shorelines. Among the urban communities in Gujarat, you can get a look at the old city of Lothal, the shoreline urban communities of Daman and Diu and the precious stone capital of Surat. Other than this you can get the chance to see the bright fairs and celebrations in Gujarat which happens in various urban communities in Gujarat. From flawless handiwork to the people workmanship and music, Gujarat appeals vacationers from all finished for its rich social legacy.

How to Reach Gujarat?

Via Air: Gujarat has the most number of residential air terminals than some other conditions of India, there are seventeen air terminals out and out. The global airplane terminal is the SardarVallabhbhai International Airport in Ahmedabad. Other outstanding airports are Surat, Bhagvanagar, Junagarh, Vadodara, Rajkot, and Bhuj.

By Rail: Gujarat, inside the state and in addition outside is connected exceptionally well through the railroads. It goes under the Western Railway Zone of the Indian Railways and comprises of numerous railroad stations. Notwithstanding, the busiest railroad station of all is the Vadodara. Some other imperative railroad stations are: Surat Railway Station, Ahmedabad Railway Station, and Rajkot Railway Station.

By Road: Gujarat is known for the best roadways in the Western India, comprising of a few two to four path interstates. The roadway arranges interfaces with the whole nation. Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation is the fundamental administration outlet of transports and other open transportation, inside the state and to alternate states in India. The auto explorers will experience passionate feelings for the expressways of Gujarat.

Via Sea: One of the greatest port in the Western India is the Kandla Port in Gujarat that fills in as the real worldwide transportation terminal. Other essential ports are Port of Navlakhi, Port Pipavav Port of Veraval and then some. 

What’s The Best Time to Visit?

The state has variation climatic conditions consistently. Gujarat all in all has hot and dry summers and wonderful winters. You can design an excursion to Gujarat all the year long, yet the best time visit Gujarat is amid winter months, November to February.

How’s The Climate Like?

The winters are gentle, lovely, and dry with normal daytime temperatures around 29 °C (84 °F) and evenings around 12 °C (54 °F) with 100 percent sunny days and crisp evenings. The summers are to a great degree hot and dry with daytime temperatures around 49 °C (120 °F) and during the evening no lower than 30 °C (86 °F).

Entry Formalities for Indians & Foreigners

There is no specific Entry formality for Indians to visit Gujarat. For Foreigners too, there is no specific Entry formality for visiting Gujarat. Whatever formalities are applicable for entering India is also applicable for Gujarat as well.

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Best Tour Packages to Visit Gujarat

A visit to Gujarat is unwinding, reviving, and rousing as one could enjoy seeing numerous attractions like recorded destinations, long extends of coastlines and beautiful scenes. Following are a portion of the best elegantly created Gujarat Tour Packages that can offer you to investigate a portion of the best and primary traveler spots and attractions of Gujarat:

  • Gujarat Diu Tour- 6N/7 Days Gujarat Tour Package – Tour My India
  • Gujarat Best Tour (08 Nights / 09 Days) – Hello Travel
  • Best of Gujarat (6 Days / 5 Nights) – Indian Holidays
  • Desert Beach Tour (5 Days / 4 Nights) – Indian Holidays

Things to Keep In Mind before Visiting Gujarat

The plenty of tourism openings at Gujarat makes Gujarat an alluring traveler center point for all the energetic individuals struck by meander desire. Be that as it may, keeping in mind the end goal to make your Gujarat Trip satisfying you have to submit to certain exceptionally helpful travel tips-

  • Get yourself completely checked before travel.
  • Carry all your endorsed medicines in sufficient amounts.
  • Alcohol is forbidden in Gujarat. Thus, when you are in Gujarat avoid those hard beverages or else you will be intensely fined.
  • When you are flying out to Gujarat keep an eye out on what you are wearing. Gujarati individuals are exceptionally customary disapproved and may not in the slightest degree engage any sort of indecency in clothing types. In this way, don’t wear garments that make you look profane in light of the fact that that may hurt the feelings of the Gujarati Locals.
  • Beware of pick pocketing.
  • Travel to Gujarat between October-March. That is the perfect travel season for an agreeable travel.
  • Check the opening and shutting times of spots like sanctuaries, landmarks, exhibition halls, zoos and so forth to maintain a strategic distance from superfluous badgering.
  • Carry adequate Xeroxes of indispensable archives, for example, international ID, ID Proof and so on.
  • Don’t make any damage creatures when you are going by the different natural life asylums of Gujarat.

Which Are Some Good Places To See?

1. Incredible Rann of Kutch

The biggest salt abandon on the planet, the Great Rann of Kutch is an incredible sight. The long extent of a salty bog is a treat to the eye at whatever point u visit it. There is no season boundation to this place. With a fruitless land that extends towards the skyline, encompassed by slopes and some captivating towns, this is unquestionably one of the must-see goals in India.

2. Gir Wildlife Sanctuary

As the main home of the Asiatic lion, you truly needn’t bother with whatever other motivation to visit Gir Wildlife Sanctuary. It is an unquestionable requirement see put on the off chance that you are in Gujarat. Set apart as one of the biggest regions for Asiatic lions, the range is very much secured because of the considerable extension of vegetation and different species living in this heaven. The ruler of the wilderness rules here, however, there are a lot of different motivations to visit Gir, hyenas, panthers and more than 250 types of winged animals just to give some examples.

3. Mandvi

The beachside town of Mandvi has for quite some time been a most loved occasion goal with its sandy shoreline and shimmering ocean, it is an incredible place to go sailing or even stream ski. It is a one of a kind town that catches the real nature of Gujarat-Kutchi culture. There is likewise the Maharaja’s Palace that has the best view around the local area.

4. Dwarka

One of the old urban communities of India, Dwarka was at one time the home of Lord Krishna. This reality makes Dwarka a journey site for the Hindus. The Dwarakadhish Temple is a well-known journey site, yet additionally, make sure to visit the Rukmini Devi Temple and Bet Dwarka Temple to get a total vibe for this otherworldly city. There is additionally one beacon close to the Gomtighat. It is an unquestionable requirement consider a place to be it records to be one of the most seasoned light houses.


5. Lothal and Dholavira

With ruins that go back to the old Indus Valley civilization, you can venture once more into history here. Lothal was at one time an exchanging center that was associated with the Sindh area, and Dholavira is an antiquated city that has now been exhumed and is accepted to be more than 100 hectares. It is the fifth biggest out of the eight Harappan period locales in India. It is one of the major archeological locales in India. Situated on the Khadir wager island in the Kutch untamed life haven in Great Rann of Kutch, this place is a treat to eye and is an unquestionable requirement visit for each guest

6. Somnath

Enthusiasts run to this profound city, home to Somnath Temple, a standout amongst the most enhanced Shiva sanctuaries. Based on the Chalukya style of design, it mirrors the abilities of SomaputraSalats. You can likewise pay visit to the close-by Kamnath Temple. Go out for a stroll by the shoreline and simply absorb the climate of this celestial and tranquil town.

Somnath Temple


Camel Safari

Gujarat offers sufficient open doors for forsaking safaris, it could be Jeep safari or camel Safari. In the event that you need to have a genuine feel of sandscape than Camel Safari is the best alternative.

Jeep Safari

A Jeep Safari in Gujarat implies investigation of lesser known goals and field. Amid the winter months, warm daylight and crisp breeze can be best experienced by open jeep safari in Gujarat’s towns.

Rock Climbing

Pawagadh, Junagadh, and Taranga are the ideal ranges for mountain climbers. The climb is troublesome and testing and explorers should be both physically and rationally fit for this action.


Another open air action in Gujarat that one can select is trekking. Trekking courses in Gujarat are Saputara to Ahwa. Banni.Poshina-Abur trek is another acclaimed trek for tenderfoots also prepared trekkers.

Water Activities

Simmer Beach, Ahmed Mandvi Beach, Nagoa Beach, Jalandhar Beach, Chorwad Beach, Chakratirth Beach and Goghala Beach are the notable shorelines for a wide range of water sports.

Gujarat Tour

The Food Of Gujarat

The food of Gujarat is from multiple points of view special from other culinary customs of India. In any case, a great many people of Gujarat are a veggie lover as are the most well-known Gujarati delights.

Food of Gujarat in India is a mix of lovely flavors and surfaces; customarily served on a silver platter, the Gujarati thali involves rice, chapattis, dal, vegetable curry, saag, pickles.

Gujarat Food

Staples of Gujarati food incorporate plate of mixed greens, hand crafted pickles, Khichdi (rice and lentil or rice and mungdaal cooked together), and chhaas (buttermilk). Primary Gujarati dishes depend on steamed vegetables and dals that are added to a vaghaar, which is a blend of flavors sautéed in hot oil that is added to improve the stomach related qualities and taste of the principle fixing.

Desserts and chaats are another most vital component of a legitimate full course Gujarati supper. Gajarkahalwa, besanhalwa, sweet stuffed ghari-puri, malpwa, laddoos, among the sweet dishes and papdichaat, kachorichaat, samosa chaat, raj kachorichaat, dhokla, are the absolute most well-known of Gujarati snacks. RajitTravelCamel Safari,Dwarka,Gir Wildlife Sanctuary,Gujarat,Gujarat Food,Gujarat Tour,Jeep Safari,Mandvi,Rock climbing,Somnath,Travel To Gujarat,Trekking,Wildlife Sanctuary
From the blue waters and brilliant ocean shoreline of the Arabian Sea to the rich sections of land of green backwoods to wonderful marble sanctuaries, Gujarat in India exhibits a differed geology and excellent scenes that charm sightseers to the urban areas in Gujarat. The urban areas in Gujarat are...