Underwater vessels or more popularly known as Submarines generally are not found in the listing of personal collectible items. However, there are certain noteworthy exceptions to this trait. This exception which not only re-defined the boundaries of submersible vessels but has also reshaped the vivid experience one can enjoy on a sub-aquatic tour. These submarines are known to have enabled people to explore the depths of the marine world and see the underwater oceanic beauty and the ever-changing aquatic life.

  1. Hyper-Sub

    If money is not a constraint then this $3.5 million toy is for you. Designed by Marion HSPD, it is dual mode vessel. A powerboat as well as a submarine. When on water, this 31-ft. cruiser has an enclosed cabin. The powerful twin 440 hp diesel motor gives an output power of 880 hp and has a surface speed of 40 knots with a maximum range of 500 miles. Once under water, it can dive up to 250 feet with umbilical SCUBA support.

  1. Yellow Submarine

     Known as a personal submarine, it is not that big and accommodates only two people inside. As the name refers the vessel is yellow in color and carries a price tag of $2 million. It can dive at an amazing 1000 feet with 6 hours of oxygen support. It has 120 volts and 24 volts battery power bank. The mechanics include two 3 hp main thrusters, two 3 hp vertical thrusters, four external and powerful halogen lamps, VHF (very high frequency) communication radio, GPS, as well as a climate control.

  1. EGO Compact Semi Submarine

     EGO is not a typical submarine as it actually cannot dive. It stays afloat with only the cockpit (glass enclosure bulb) submerged underwater. Once inside the cockpit, one can enjoy the thriving underwater life and its beauty. This zero emission all electric vessels are eco-friendly and can give the user about 4 hours of cruising time on a 6-8 hour charge. These vessels come in seven colors and no official pricing is revealed by the company RAONHAJE who makes these semi-submarines.

  1. Seabreacher X

    On the first glance, this submersible vessel looks like a ferocious shark. Since sharks are known for speed and agility under water the same is seen here. The submarine carries a 260 hp supercharged engine with a top speed of 50 mph on a water surface and 25 mph under water. Both diving underwater and then reaching on the surface is done with ease thus proving its agility like the sharks. The price tags for these vessels begin at $80000 and are individually handcrafted as per user specifications.

  1. Deep Flight Super Falcon

    The creation of Marine Engineer Graham Hawke, this submarine is a $1.5 million battery-powered winged vessel that looks just like an aircraft which flies underwater. The Super Falcon gets its power from the 48-volt lithium phosphate battery and the propulsion unit has only one rear-mounted propeller for maneuverability. For observation under water, the canopy is fitted with thick Plexiglas. The vessel can dive up to 200 feet per minute including upward at twice that speed. It can cruise for up to 5 hours at 4.6 mph.

  1. Scubster

    Designed by French high flyer Stephane Rousson, the Scubster is a human powered personal submersible vessel. With a speed of 6 mph, it can dive up to 20 feet under water. This vessel gets its power from the pedals which a human inside the vessel has to use for maneuver. An all electric single pilot version is also launched by Rousson and designer Minh-lôc Truong. The prototype is named as Scubster Nemo and houses props on each side. This version can reach speeds up to 8 kmph with 2 hours of cruise time. The price is only available on request from the makers.

  1. Pig Trough Submarine

    With a passion for exploring Lake Constance underwater, a 14-year-old naval enthusiast Swiss teen Aaron Kreier started building this vessel since the age of 10 from a pig trough. It covered a 15-minute maiden voyage at ENDO (Extreme Nautical Deep Office). The primary maneuverability is achieved from the pedals inside the submarine.

  1. Nautilus VAS Luxury Submersible

Known to launch off of yachts, this is a serious toy for the uber rich. This baby does not come cheap as the price tag for this submersible will set you back for $2.7 million. The military grade construction ensures highest levels of safety. The Nautilus can hold up to five passengers and can achieve speeds of 6 knots. It can stay underwater for an astonishing four days. The only private submersible is known to have a toilet, a mini bar, stairs, digital video and music players with enough head room to stand up freely.

Another notable feature is its wide scale and crystal clear flat distortion free optics for the scenic underwater aquatic life.

  1. Trilobis 65

The brainchild of Italian naval architect Giancarlo Zema, the Trilobis 65 is a 20-meter long eco-yacht & houseboat which can accommodate six people which are ideal for bays, atolls and sea parks. It uses non-polluting hydrogen fuel. The houseboat consists of 4 levels connected by a spiral staircase. At 3.5 meters above sea level, the Tripolis can be maneuvered by a joystick at 360 degrees on its own axle. The second level at 1.4 meters above the sea level is for the day-time area with all services and possibility to go outside. The 0.8 meters below sea level semi-submerged, is for night time area, where bathrooms and engine room is located. The lowest level at 3.0 meters below sea level and fully submerged is the observation globe. This piece of underwater spaceship cum house boat carries a price tag of $5.3 million.

  1. RC Steampunk Nautilus Submarine


The creator Bob Martin, have made this as a replica of the Nautilus submarine from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The submarine is operated with a remote control and is based on Disney’s 1:32 scale model. Complete with a watertight cylinder, ballast tank, and servo control this vessel is built keeping in mind the minor details. The lithium ion batteries keep the submarine functional.

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Underwater vessels or more popularly known as Submarines generally are not found in the listing of personal collectible items. However, there are certain noteworthy exceptions to this trait. This exception which not only re-defined the boundaries of submersible vessels but has also reshaped the vivid experience one can enjoy...